Goals and My 2017 Make Nine

Everyone likes to start the year with the hope that it’s a chance to reinvent yourself. The new year  has connotations of being the time where you are able to let go of bad habits and make room for new ones. There has been so much talk recently about how negative resolutions can be and how you only set yourself up for failure. While this might be true it is always good to assess things, make plans and make improvements. Although this shouldn’t be something completely restricted to the start of the year, with December being a month of indulgence it seems right to use January as a time for re-evaluation.

2017 make nine Dominique Major

First up are my plans for 2017 Make Nine. Most of you will have seen these little grids popping up all over Instagram full of everyone’s  Make Nine plans for 2017. First started by Lucky Lucille  the aim is to lay out nine new to you patterns that you plan to sew in the coming year.

Towards the end of the year I have really fallen off the sewing band wagon. (Don’t forget to read my year in review, to find out what I got up to.) I haven’t had time, my sewing space has been a mess and I actually decided to stop beating myself up about it and give myself time (this will link in my word for 2017 which I will talk about in a bit)

Feeling very unorganised at the end of 2016 this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make plans and set goals. While most of these patterns in my Make Nine are not new to my stash I haven’t sewn them and they have been just waiting to be made. So having them on this list will hopefully push me to actually make them.

photo-collage (3).png

Top Row (L-R): Wear Lemonade Mona, Named Helmi, Simplicity x Madalynne 8228/9

Middle Row : Republique du Chiffon Ernest, Tilly and the Buttons Agnes, Wear Lemonade Pyjama top

Bottom Row: Simplicity 8264, Pauline Alice Rosari, Colette Phoebe

Don’t forget to add to this my pile of unfinished projects left from 2016 and I have lots of sewing to keep me busy!

Other than my endless list of sewing projects I have a whole list of content ideas planned. I’ve made this new blog and while I still have things I would like to tweak I’m happy I’ve taken the initials steps to make this a better platform for my work. I’m hoping to improve my content across all my platforms. Lots of learning took place in 2016 and I want to keep that up that to make this bigger and better. With that in mind I of course want to fill it with more sewing goodness, reviews, projects etc but also everything between, that I enjoy and inspires me.

And of course I will be working on the next issue of Suzy Magazine! So do make sure you are following our Instagram because we have more news very soon.

Add to these plans improved organisation, self care and hopefully more exciting travel plans, 2017 already looks like its shaping up to to be a busy and interesting year.

Happy New Year!

What sewing patterns are in your 2017 Make Nine? What are your plans for 2017? Have you made any New Years resolutions?

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