5 Things I Learnt from my Year of Handmade

Last year was a wonderful year for my handmade wardrobe. I started the year with a few summer dresses and ended the year with enough clothes to wear something handmade everyday.

Here are the five things I learnt from my year of handmade

1. You Can’t/ Don’t Need To Make Everything

When you catch the handmade bug it can take over. All of a sudden you want to make everything, the high street is no longer good enough, and you want to make it all.

While this, of course, would be lovely it’s a lot to take on and can actually be overwhelming. What I have learned is that you don’t need to make everything.

My rule is I won’t buy dresses or skirts because I can make them (unless of course it’s a fabric I can’t find or it has an amazing detail I can’t recreate, but most of my basics and layering pieces such as jumpers are from the high street – and I’m ok with that. Which leads me to my next lesson…


2. Don’t Feel Bad If You’re Not Wearing Handmade

At the start of the year I felt the same kind of guilt about not wearing handmade clothes everyday as I did about not making everything.

When you’re just starting to build your handmade wardrobe it’s unrealistic to wear something handmade every day. For me I had previously spent a good amount of money on some lovely clothes and while they aren’t handmade I still love lots of the wonderful prints and designs of things like my summer dresses. So it would be silly and wasteful to get rid of these just to make more.

3. Some Projects Just Take Longer Than Others

Sometimes I start a project and its complete and ready to wear in a couple of hours. Then I have projects, even if they’re simple, that sit in my pile for weeks, even months and just take forever to complete.

I’ve learned that it’s just the way it is. Some things are destined to be whipped up quickly and the rest? You’ll get there eventually.

If you didn't Instagram it, it did still happen Handmade Lessons Dominique Major

4. If You Didn’t Instagram It, It Did Still Happen

The world of Instagram is wonderful. It’s full of inspiration and beautiful imagery but it can often feel that if you don’t share something online it didn’t really happen. From food to a pretty wall, it can often feel the same for the clothes you make.

Just remember you’re making these clothes for you to wear and improve your wardrobe, not for people to like on Instagram
. Don’t get me wrong it’s wonderful to share and engage but it shouldn’t become the motive behind your handmade wardrobe.

5 Lessons From My Year of Handmade Dominique Major

5. It’s Not A Bad Thing To Love Prints

As people start to develop their sewing I have seen a trend for sewers saying they want to make more plain clothing and steer away from all the prints. True, when you start sewing and you see all the wonderful prints you can go into a print buying frenzy. But for me and my wardrobe I don’t want to have more plain clothing. While it has its place I love looking at my rail of printed wonder. Instead, what I have found this year is that it is about knowing what is the right print to buy and what will work with your wardrobe. Print can be chic and grown up.

What have lessons have you learnt when building your handmade wardrobe?

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