Stylish Websites to Banish Those January Blues

Man Repeller 

Stylish Websites to get you through the January blue - Man Repeller | Dominique Major

First up, Leandra Medine is cool and her unique style is reflected in the content found on Man Repeller. Personal faves: the Dick-shun-ary tab, New Year’s Resolution so whats, To Do  and First Generation Stories.

Bookmark it if you want a no shits given approach to writing about life.

Garance Dore

Stylish websites to beat the January Blues - Garance Dore | Dominique Major

Confession: I have a girl crush on Garance. She’s effortlessly chic, and this extends from her personal style to her website. Again, like Man Repeller, this covers all aspects of life, but think chic and polished rather than quirky.

Bookmark if you dream of minimalist and effortless French style. 

Before we move onto my next three websites, let me hold my hands up and say that I am obsessed with looking into people’s everyday lives. I love wardrobe tours, day in the life features, what’s in my bags, apartment tours… you name it, if I get to snoop into the life of someone stylish I’m all over it. If you bear that in mind you will see why I love these next three websites. 

Inside Closet

Stylish websites to beat the January blue | Dominique Major

This is a recent find, and let’s just say when I found it, I spent hours scrolling through every single post. Inside Closet was first brought to my attention when I saw they did a piece with Lisa Gachet from Wear Lemonade (huge girl crush!)  Basically they talk to stylish French women and take pictures in their homes. I honestly don’t know what more you could want.

Bookmark if you want to see in the homes of stylish French ladies!

Apartment Therapy 

Stylish websites to beat the January Blues - Apartment therapy | Dominique Major

Ever walk past beautiful houses and wonder what they look like inside? Well Apartment Therapy lets you do that without getting a police record. As well as getting to snoop around people’s houses the site also has lots of design ideas, tips and DIYs.

Bookmark if you need inspiration for your home or are stuck in a rental flat and need something else to make you feel bad about house prices. 


Stylish Websites to beat the January blue - Coveteur | Dominique Major.jpg

While Coveteur does do more than this, the main reason I visit this site is to snoop into people’s closets. Stylish people, (here’s Garance again) costume departments, girl bosses, musicians and so much more.

Bookmark if you like clothes and personal style stories.

Hopefully these will provide escapism, inspiration, lolz or whatever you need when January is so grey and miserable.

Let me know which ones are your faves and what websites are getting you through January?

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