5 High Street Destinations for Sewing/Style Inspo

When I first started sewing the thing I found the least inspiring were the covers of sewing patterns. I often found that the fabric choices were questionable and when you’re just trying to get your head round the mechanics of sewing, and the fact you can actual make your own clothes, being inspired by these images can be hard. However, with the rise of the indie sewing pattern company, this is something that is starting to change. Hello stylish sewing patterns! While this might be the case occasionally you will still find yourself picking up a pattern and thinking what on earth is this?!

When you’re starting to sew your own clothes this can be quite daunting particularly when everything is right there in front of you on the high street. Often it can can make the cross over from ready made to handmade quite hard.

The truth is I love shopping and seeing all of the different styles. My parent’s are big shoppers which has meant I have some real shopping stamina. But now instead of buying the clothes, I use it to inspire my makes and spark some creativity and imagination from the lack lustre sewing pattern covers.

So here are my favourite brands for style inspiration. The following is a list of both IRL and online shops.



This is basically one of my holy grail sites and to be fair if I had the money I probably would drop it on some Reformation. However, that being said if you look at the pieces on their site lots of their styles are classic and readily available as sewing patterns. It just takes a little bit of imagination to transform a pattern into a Reformation worthy piece of clothing.



Now this is a bit of a no brainer. When I was still being clothes and if I think back to my worst when I was at Uni and buying something new every week, Topshop was always my go to. And while I rarely visit it now, I do often head over to their new in section to see what trends they have this season. I particularly like the transition pieces that Topshop brings out.

& Other Stories


If I could embrace one style aesthetic, it would be probably be that of And Other Stories. It’s overall look is quite unlike my own style but I really like their simple but very stylish pieces. It’s everything I imagine a more put together me wearing. I also want to spend most of my money on their shoes, their lingerie, jumpers… just give me it all!



Despite not really being a trouser wearer I am a big appreciate of denim styles. Therefore Madewell is another place for aspirational style inspiration. Whenever I am in the US I always head into their stores and never buy anything. It does often make me rethink my style a bit. It makes me want to change but whether I do might not be the case.

Olive Clothing


Olive Clothing is legitimately one of the sites where I could imagine pretty much everything they sell in my wardrobe. It’s like totally my aesthetic if it was more muted. There isn’t a time where I wouldn’t double a tap picture of theirs on my Instagram, so much love!

Where do you head to when you’re looking for style or sewing inspiration?


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