Be part of a Fashion Revolution

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Today is the start of Fashion Revolution Week. Haven’t heard of it? Fashion Revolution is global movement with the aim to improve the fashion industry at every level. By working with organisations they aim to change the way fashion is sourced, produced and consumed.

Fashion Revolution Week falls in April during the anniversary of the Rana Plaza Factory collapse which killed 1138 in 2013.  During this week, brands are encouraged to promote transparency about their supply chains and the business of fashion. It is a chance for consumers and producers alike to create a strong message for the need to continue to improve the fashion industry.  It’s a time to ask yourself and businesses #whomademyclothes and as makers who know the answer to this question perhaps start to think where do my resources and fabric come from and look for transparency within this part of the chain.

Last year I wrote this piece for the Huffington Post.

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Have you done anything as part of Fashion Revolution Week?

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