How to Spend a Creative Weekend in Stockholm

A couple of weeks a go I spent  4 days in Stockholm. Stockholm is mecca of cool, the home of design and simplistic style. But beyond what we often think of Ikea, meatballs and Abba, a visit to Stockholm will leave you creatively inspired. Spend a long weekend wandering round and adding ideas and photos to your creative moodboard to inspire you, whatever you make.

Aside from the obvious people watching, here are my top 5 places to leave you creatively inspired.

1- Stockholm Subway Art


Head underground to find yourself inspired by a collection of colour and pattern. Stockholm’s underground is home to World’s longest art exhibit. 90 of its 100 stations is filled with art pieces by a range of over 150 artists. A one day travel card for the Subway can be expensive so opt for single ride ticket, which lasts 70mins and always you to come and go within that time. Hop off the train, take pictures of the station and then hop back on to move to the next station. It can act as a timed art game to see how many stations you can hit.





Stations worth a visit: Kungsträdgården, Stadion, Mörby Centrum, and T-Centralen, Brunkebergstunneln.

Top tip : Plan your route before you start, this will save you time if you are using a single trip ticket.

Perfect if you’re looking for pattern and colour inspiration. Also pretty handy to find the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos.

2- Moderna Museet


I must admit, Modern art is normally my bag. But the Moderna Museet is definitely worth a visit.


The museum is free and on an island of other museums so if you’re looking for a day of culture then this is a great place to start. I would head here just to see the Matisse  Cut Outs.



It wasn’t open when I was there but the Josef Frank exhibition is opening soon.


Things to see:  Matisse, Picasso, Louise Bourgeois

Get inspired by the hard work of others. Again lots of colour and print to incorporate into your makes.

3- Snickarbacken 7


Creativity needs to be fed and what better place to do so while keeping that creative inspiration flowing. Snickarbacken7 is a Cafe, exhibition space and Store, the food portions are impressive.


I had the Asian Salmon Salad and even if the place wasn’t beautiful this would be more than worth the visit.


Snickarbacken 7 is in a late 1800’s stable building and the shop at the back is full of cool design pieces. I particularly enjoyed seeing the store dog who was featured in the independent magazine, Pet People, that they stocked in store.

Take inspiration for the classic style pieces. Provides good neutral and classic inspiration after being wowed by the colour and print of the last two places.

4- Skinnarviksberget


Stockholm is full of beautiful views and the best way to take them in is with a trip up the highest natural point in Stockholm. If the weather is nice take a picnic and enjoy the views, perhaps even stick around to watch the sun set over Stockholm. It does get busy but is worth the trip up.



The perfect spot to sit and sketch or get your creative ideas on to paper. Creative ideas flow better in front of a nice view right?

5- ABBA Museum


Did you really think I was going to get through this without suggesting a visit to the ABBA museum? Apart from just being awesome because it’s a museum dedicated to ABBA.


The museum provides excellent 70s style inspo as you see costumes, merchandise and promotional materials from these disco super stars.

other noteworthy places stockholm


Greasy Spoon– the perfect place to start the day.



Greasy Spoon -Tjärhovsgatan 19, 116 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Crispy Pizza– What better way to end the day?



Crispy Pizza– Upplandsgatan 45, 113 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Meatballs for the People– Swedish meatballs enough said.



Meatballs for the People– Nytorgsgatan 30, 116 40 Stockholm, Sweden 


Other places to note: Fabrique or Drop Coffee for some well deserved Fika. Grandpa or Weeknd for trendy shopping.

generator hostel inside

We stayed at the Generator Hostel which is a great creative base.

bedroom generator hostel

If you’re looking for somewhere to head off on a long weekend then Stockholm is a great place to check out. It has enough to keep you busy for a couple of days and is great for anyone who likes creative inspiration from their getaways. If you’re heading to Stockholm from the UK then you can nab a cheap flight with Ryanair, however be warned their flights don’t go to the main airport. You’ll need to get a bus to the centre but it’s pretty straight forward.  Do note though that although cheap to get to, like similar cities, things add up and it’s not the cheapest city.

Which cities do you find creatively inspiring?  Let me know in the comments below.

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