Sew the Alexa Chung collection

In light of the new Alexa Chung clothing line I’m talking about her influence on my style and my favourite pieces from the new Alexa Chung collection.

It might come as no surprise that I am a massive Alexa Chung fan girl. She’s a pretty standard style crush for most women but as a fellow mixed race woman I feel she has always stood out to me more than most of my style crushes.

During my university years she played a big role in my style choices. This was before I made my own clothes, I shopped a lot and what Alexa was wearing would play a big role in my purchases.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 17.31.31.png

The only reason I own a Barbour jacket and practically lived in it is because she did. I also lived in this grey American Apparel skirt because guess what Alexa had one! I also owned and do still own that Topshop sailor coat (though for this one, much to my delight, I bought it and then shortly after Alexa was wearing the same one). She was also dating my favourite male human being, Alex Turner so basically in my eyes during this time Alexa could do no wrong.

Now before it all starts to get a bit creepy. I wasn’t a stalker and I think it was pretty common for girls my age to be buying things because she wore them. Of course as I grew up I also grew out of this. My style has changed, I don’t really buy or now sew something just because someone else has it. And while Alexa’s style does still inspire me it has less of an impact on my dressing than it once did. Perhaps that is until now.

Sew Alexa Chung's new collection

As some of you might have seen Alexa has released her own clothing label, Alexa Chung. Huzzah! This takes dressing like Alexa to a whole new level. While I wish I could drop the cash on some og Alexa Chung, that ain’t gonna happen any time soon. But luckily with the power of sewing I can make some things that are pretty similar and therefore have been approved by Alexa herself.

Here are my top pieces from her new collection and the patterns I think could be used to make them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 20.31.48.png

I’ve been eying up this dress ever since I saw it in the latest issue of Vogue. I never knew I needed a dress with a hood but apparently now I do. Thanks Alexa! I’m thinking a hack of the Butterick 6298 could work for the top or perhaps draft a hood and add it to a similar dress. I’m not sure. So if you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments below.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 17.40.46.png

Now I knew I bought the New Look 6203 pattern for a reason and here it is. I love this modern take on the cheongsam. While I might not be able to make it in this awesome custom Alexa fabric I can try my hardest to make something just as cool.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 20.34.44.png

In a similar style I also really like this skirt! This could easily be recreated with an A Line skirt pattern in a jacquard fabric and those ties?

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 07.50.13

Lots of these pieces are things I would like to keep in mind for my AW sewing and this pinafore dress is one of them. I can’t think of a pattern that has a low front like this but I’m sure is something that can easily be hacked. The Colette Phoebe does spring to mind as a pattern to be hacked for this one.


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 17.36.43.png

The dress that Alexa wore from the collection for the show was this one in green. (See picture above) It’s in a glittery fabric which makes it look cool but I think this dress is super sewable once you find the write fabric. Maybe a Colette Moneta with a lengthened skirt  and a deep curve taken out of the neckline. Or perhaps a Moneta and Closet Case Files Nettie bodysuit mashup. The Nettie has a really nice curved neckline which would be perfect for this. Then just bring the waist up and add ruffles round the neck waist and cuffs. This dress I am coming for you!

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 17.39.10.png

And finally let’s just take a moment to admire what will be the design inspiration for my future wedding dress. That high neck and capelet I don’t think it could get more perfect! All the heart eyes for this one! However, if you’re not looking for a wedding dress a similar sleeve detailing could be created using the Simplicity 8292,

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 22.39.43.png

If you’re also looking to check out the shoes she has on offer. These beautiful canvas Mary Janes are super cool but as expected super pricey. While I can’t offer you a way to make them, although I’m sure you could. You can head over to Urban Outfitters for a cheap alternative. I’ve had my eye on these for a while so now that Alexa has confirmed they are cool I’ve ordered two pairs! If you’re in the US they also have jacquard pairs very similar to these, which they sadly don’t have on the UK site.

alexa chung collection sewing patterns

For all the looks I loved from the catwalk show head over to my Pinterest board.

So what did you think of the Alexa Chung collection? Have you bought any? Will you be making anything similar? Let me know your faves in the comments below.

(Images of the collection from, Vogue and Instagram)


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